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Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative (SCGC), a 54-member farmers’ cooperative in Belle Glade, Florida, needed to change. The 60-year-old operation had been a very traditional sugar mill and was not applying modern industrial practices.

How a Cheese Manufacturer is Meeting Growing Customer Demand

A cheese manufacturer engaged with Life Cycle Engineering to apply a time-tested Reliability Excellence® (Rx) approach to meet its objectives.

Sweet Success at U.S. Sugar

Read about U.S. Sugar’s 12% increase in production capacity over three years with virtually no increase in operating costs makes U.S. Sugar the leading producer of retail and industrial bulk sugar in the United States.

Investing in Reliability Pays off for Commercial Bakery

Business keeps on rising for one of the leading suppliers of frozen bakery products to the food service industry.
Calculating Total Cost of Ownership RequiresKnowing the Cost of Materials.A food manufacturer with several existing production lines spread across the U.S. wanted to determine the total cost of ownership before designing and building a new line for one of its plants.
A Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Applies Risk-Based Asset Management to Improve a Filling Line’s Reliability A diversified, global healthcare leader produces vaccines and other injectables in one of its U.S. locations.
Hot Strip Mill Regaining Former Status. Background – In 2017 a major steel company decided to focus on a significant reliability improvement initiative at several of their steelmaking operations. Improvement in reliability was needed in many of the operations
The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) was formally chartered by the city of Brownsville in 1960 to provide electrical, water and wastewater services to its customers in the southernmost part of Texas.